ADA – Americans With Disabilities Act

Oftentimes, when an individual become a disabled citizen, many things in their lives change. Sometimes they are no longer able to complete essential daily tasks or maintain a solid sense of mind. In order to protect these individuals from experiencing excessive hardship, the government created the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This act outlines laws that regard the well-being, and promotion thereof, of individuals with disabilities.

What This Law Entails
While this law covers many aspects that deal with the everyday life disabled Americans, it specifically covers public transportation, public accommodations, employment, requirements of state and local governments, housing, voting accessibility, education, and rehabilitation. These laws were set in place to ensure government officials and disabled families that their rights would be protected under the event that they should become temporarily and/or permanently disabled. For individuals without families, these laws are essential in maintaining justice within localities of disabled residents.

General Discretions
So how do disabled Americans benefit from the passage of the ADA? To begin with, disabled Americans are guaranteed an equal opportunity to benefit from employment. In fact, organizations with 15 or more employers are prohibited and can be penalized for discrimination of disabled individuals through training, pay, hiring, and promotion activities. In addition, disabled individuals are guaranteed the option and ability to participate in government activities, as stated by the ADA. Disabled individuals are also released from discrimination through the use of public transportation. Accommodations must be made for all individuals wishing to utilize this service, especially disabled citizens. Furthermore, certain privately-owned, public, and commercial entities are required to accommodate disabled individuals by providing necessary modifications to make their products/services available to disabled citizens, specifically including building and construction alterations. However, one of the most important rights of disabled individuals that is protected by the ADA is the right to fair housing options. By encompassing this regulation, landlords and realtors, are prohibited from discriminating against a disabled American in regard to housing.

Overall, the ADA, and it’s amended regulations, play a great role in protecting the rights of disabled Americans nationwide.