SSI – Supplemental Security Income

The first thing someone who is filing for Supplemental Security Income needs to know is that most people give up to easy. There are some tasks to do to help hurry the process along. Additionally, there are some unknown facts when it comes to Social Security that many people are not aware of these facts. First, let us learn more about the important things that someone needs to know to get Supplemental Security Income for disabilities. To get the approval you need is not easy especially as there are over forty million people in the United States considered severely disabled. What does the person have to prove that they need assistance and can no longer work under the conditions of their illness whether physical or mental?

To start the procedure the recommendation is to find the right attorney and a social security to prepare and handle the claims. The attorney hired should be available to handle the information between the SSI courts and their clients. This is something you should be sure that the new attorney would do so. Remember if an attorney hired, it is important to know that if the attorney is not what was wanted and then you decide to find another lawyer you will have to pay both attorneys, unless the first signs a full release on the case.

This does not happen very often. Thus meaning when you get approved the money for the attorney’s will be taken out of the back payment check first received paying both attorneys at a thirty-percent of the back pay. Many people are unaware of this, as their not told this until they ask if their file can go to a different attorney. Additionally, a person must have a diagnosis as disabled, blind, aged, to become eligible for Supplemental Security. The benefits are for assistance to the person so that they may afford their basic needs. To become eligible there are other defined ways as to what disability means. Such as inability to work, expected death, and continuous period of twelve-months of being disability are some other factors considered disabled.

Some other facts about Supplemental Security that many may not know are that the very first SSI payment ever was to Ernest Ackerman with a whopping lump sum of seventeen-cents in the year of 1937. Yes, you read it correctly only seventeen cents. Additionally, when social security was set in place there was a meaning to the numbers of each social security card. For example, the first three numbers are the area numbers where the person is, the next two numbers are a group number, and the last four numbers on the social security card is the serial number. These numbers are for bookkeeping purposes only. From the start of the Supplemental Security Income program in 1936 until the year of 2005, there has been over 8.9 trillion dollars paid to the benefits for the disabled. Within the same time-period, however, the program granted over eleven-trillion dollars to start up.

The more learnt and known about the SSI program the better chance you will have to receiving it quicker than others as knowing that the first is to find the one attorney to use.