Special Education Department forgets Disabled Person’s Day

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is a day, designated for people who have any kind of disability in the entire world. Some believe it is a day that enhances sympathy to those who suffer from a form of physical or mental disabilities. Although some may think that, it is more of a day for celebrating that these people are surviving in a world where there is so much hatred and bullying. It is a day to recognize the achievements each disabled individual has made during the past year of life. This day also celebrates the hardships that each individual has overcome as well as the hardships each person is working to overcome. It is a day when these people with any type of disability are celebrated for being alive for another day. It is also a day that helps show the public that there are people in the world need a higher form of care from others on a daily basis.

Every year there are more and more children born with some type of disability. On top of this, there are also more and more adults diagnosed with different types of disabilities. Most disabilities go unnoticed and those who have, are left behind.

Each year on December 3, The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated worldwide. However, in Sindh India, this year was different. This year the Sindh Special Education Department continued about their day like it was a normal day. The exception was an awards ceremony hosted by the Awareness Voluntary Organization through Project: Awareness Pakistan, marking the special day. This was a simple event held out of respect for the month of Muharram, a sacred month in the Islamic calendar. Although other holidays are widely celebrated, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities progressed with just a dinner and an awards ceremony to recognize staff. Their theme for the day was “Including the Excluded”. Although The International Day of Persons with Disabilities did not involve a parade, rally, or any fun filled events, it was still celebrated in a quiet fashion. Some may think it wasn’t a celebration but the families of those with disabilities were able to celebrate throughout the day.

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